Aeration Case Study
  • Location: Rockville, MD
  • Tank Size: 8 MG 
  • Tank Type: Above ground, steel 
  • Problem: High THMs

Mixing and aeration reduces THM levels by 53%

Rockville, MD

An unexpected notice of violation for exceeding the Maximum Contaminant Level of Total Trihalomethanes in 2008 caused the City of Rockville, MD to critically examine water quality in their water distribution system. An analysis of Rockville’s water distribution system revealed a significant weakness that was contributing to high TTHM levels: the 8 MG Hunting Hill tank. Utility Service Company and PAX Water Technologies proposed their Trihalomethane Removal System (TRS) to meet the requirements of lowering THM levels in the Hunting Hill tank. By July 2013, the system was up and running and validation testing had begun. Results showed that the TRS removed an average of 53% of the THMs in the tank.

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