Using Biomimicry in Tank Mixing

Impeller technology inspired by nature

Biomimicry is a rapidly growing discipline in which scientists and engineers adapt nature’s solutions to solve technical problems. The core of PAX Water’s mixing technology is the highly efficient and powerful Lily impeller – a biomimetic technology used to solve potable water challenges. Inventor Jay Harman developed the Lily impeller after studying fluid flow efficiencies in natural systems, such as air and ocean currents. He observed that nature never moves in a straight line, and instead tends to flow in a spiraling path he called nature’s Streamlining Principle.


Impeller technology inspired by nature - Pax Water

By isolating this archetypal spiral geometry, the design of the Lily impeller appears organic in shape

The Lily takes advantage of nature’s flow pattern – known to be the least resistant and most effective method of mixing fluids – to significantly improve the performance and energy usage of water mixing technology.

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