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Water Quality, El Niño and Drought: Oh My!

Posted by Peter Fiske on 1/26/16 8:00 AM

Water treatment plant operators have a challenging job under normal circumstances. They must optimize treatment strategies for varying water demand and cope with unpredictable (but inevitable) emergencies such as infrastructure repairs and emergency response.  Now, large-scale weather patterns such as drought and El Niño are making a tough job even more challenging.

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Topics: drinking water quality

Nitrification Risk Can Be Reduced by Active Mixing

Posted by Peter Fiske on 11/16/10 12:19 PM

The AWWA Distribution System Water Quality Committee is embarking on revisions to their M56: Fundamentals and Control of Nitrification in Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems.  The M56 manual is a complete guide to managing nitrification and is intended to be a principal technical resource for water system operators throughout the US.

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Topics: active mixing, nitrification, eliminate nitrification, biofilms

Top Mixer Questions from AWWA's Storage Tank Water Quality Webinar

Posted by Peter Fiske on 10/14/10 8:13 PM

The AWWA held a webinar on October 6, 2010 entitled Sustainable Water Quality Management within the Storage Tank: Part 2 (you can listen to a rebroadcast here).

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Topics: active mixing, storage tanks, WaterMix, biofilms, mixing systems

Active Mixing CAN Reduce Water Age!

Posted by Peter Fiske on 9/28/10 4:34 PM

We learned this week that an engineer (who shall remain unnamed) presented a paper at the DSS meeting in Maryland about water age modeling in which he claimed that mixing CANNOT decrease water age. 

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Topics: active mixing, disinfectant residual, storage tanks, high water age, mixing systems

Open Letter to the EPA’s Drinking Water Strategy Discussion Forum

Posted by Peter Fiske on 9/7/10 8:32 PM

The EPA recently announced a new strategy to provide clean, safe drinking water and a novel means by which those of us in the water industry, and citizens in general, can comment on it: an on-line discussion forum.

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Topics: water quality, storage tanks, mixing systems, dbp formation

Is all that FLUSHING of tanks really necessary?

Posted by Peter Fiske on 7/29/10 2:41 PM


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Topics: water quality, disinfectant residual, flushing tanks

PAX's Active Mixers Reduce Residual Losses – New Article in OpFlow

Posted by Peter Fiske on 7/15/10 8:29 PM

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Topics: disinfectant residual, storage tanks, freeze protection, dbp formation

Beating the Heat with Active Mixers

Posted by Peter Fiske on 7/6/10 8:29 PM

Temperatures are expected to top 100 degrees across much of the Eastern seaboard this week and municipalities large and small will be contending with managing their water quality. 

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Topics: active mixing, eliminate stratification, water circulation, high water age

PAX Water at ACE10

Posted by Peter Fiske on 6/17/10 3:37 PM

Are you going to ACE10 next week in Chicago? PAX Water Technologies will be there.

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Topics: eliminate stratification, mixing systems

It’s Fire Season: How Much Water is in YOUR tanks?

Posted by Peter Fiske on 6/8/10 6:11 PM


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Topics: water quality, active mixing, storage tanks, fire storage, low turnover


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