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4 Tips for Selecting In-Tank Aeration Systems

Posted by Susan Brenner on 8/31/15 4:43 PM

In-tank aeration is a proven method for removing trihalomethanes (THMs) from finished drinking water storage tanks. However, aeration technologies can vary greatly in their effectiveness and energy usage and selecting in-tank systems can be complicated. Several factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a system and each system should be customized to the tank to maximize THM removal while minimizing energy cost. Below, we have answered four questions received during our last webinar on in-tank aeration to help explain how in-tank aeration systems are designed.

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Topics: active mixing, active mixing for water storage tanks, drinking water quality, in-tank aeration, PAX Water Mixer

3 Questions Answered on Managing and Avoiding Nitrification

Posted by Susan Brenner on 7/28/15 2:27 PM

Chloramines are an attractive option for secondary disinfection - they're chemically stable, persistent and produce much lower levels of disinfection by-products (DBPs). However, because chloramination involves mutiple chemical reactions between ammonia and chlorine, managing the chemistry of chloraminated water distribution systems is tricky. Chlorine is consumed as water travels through the distribution system and reacts with organic matter, and free ammonia can be left behind. For this reason, nitrification becomes a principal water quality management issue for chloraminated water systems. We have received many inquiries from operators about how to manage and avoid nitrification in water storage tanks, below we answered three common questions.

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Topics: drinking water quality, nitrification, eliminate nitrification, thermal stratification


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