Biomimicry in Action [VIDEO]

Posted by Lily Kaiserman on 8/29/12 12:30 PM

Six years ago, PAX Water Technologies entered the water industry with a novel approach for improving water quality in storage tanks – biomimicry. By examining how fluids move in the natural world, PAX Water Technologies Founder Jay Harman, developed a small yet powerful impeller that mimics the spiral flow patterns found in whirlpools and tornados. This 6-inch “Lily” impeller is not only organic in shape (it resembles a Calla Lily), it can mix a 10 million gallon storage tank using the same energy footprint as three 100-watt light bulbs.

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Topics: biomimicry, impeller, pax scientific

PAX Water Technologies - Improving Efficiency in the Water Industry

Posted by Peter Fiske on 3/26/10 7:15 PM

Welcome to the PAX Water Technologies' Web Log! Four years ago, we entered the water industry with a new approach to product development: biomimicry. Biomimicry is the process of studying natural systems and adapting Nature's best designs to solve engineering challenges. We saw a great fit with the water industry: Nature has been transporting, treating and distributing water since the formation of the planet. And over all those millions of years Nature has developed some ingenious ways of improving process efficiency and saving energy.

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Topics: water quality, eliminate stratification, biomimicry, PAX Water Mixer, storage tanks, freeze protection, dbp formation


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