THM Removal for Stage 2 Compliance [VIDEO]

Posted by Lily Kaiserman on 5/24/12 12:54 PM

The Stage 2 DBP rule is here and presenting tough choices for water system operators. Upgrades to the treatment plant are expensive and constrained by existing infrastructure. Changing disinfectants can also be expensive and difficult to sell to a wary board and community.

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Topics: PAX Water Technologies, drinking water quality, in-tank aeration, THM removal, dbp formation

Top Mixing Questions from the ASDWA Conference in Pittsburgh

Posted by Karen Losee on 10/26/10 4:35 PM

PAX Water Technologies presented a technical talk at the 25th annual Association of State Drinking Water Administrators meeting last week in Pittsburgh, PA entitled Stabilization and Improvement of Distribution System Water Quality in Reservoirs and Tanks – a Key to Stage 2 Compliance.

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Topics: dbp formation, high water age, disinfectant residual, active mixing

Open Letter to the EPA’s Drinking Water Strategy Discussion Forum

Posted by Peter Fiske on 9/7/10 8:32 PM

The EPA recently announced a new strategy to provide clean, safe drinking water and a novel means by which those of us in the water industry, and citizens in general, can comment on it: an on-line discussion forum.

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Topics: storage tanks, dbp formation, water quality, mixing systems

PAX's Active Mixers Reduce Residual Losses – New Article in OpFlow

Posted by Peter Fiske on 7/15/10 8:29 PM

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Topics: storage tanks, dbp formation, disinfectant residual, freeze protection

President's Cancer Panel - Drinking Water DBPs Pose Significant Risk

Posted by Peter Fiske on 5/17/10 8:17 PM


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Topics: storage tanks, dbp formation, water quality, mixing systems

PAX Water Technologies - Improving Efficiency in the Water Industry

Posted by Peter Fiske on 3/26/10 7:15 PM

Welcome to the PAX Water Technologies' Web Log! Four years ago, we entered the water industry with a new approach to product development: biomimicry. Biomimicry is the process of studying natural systems and adapting Nature's best designs to solve engineering challenges. We saw a great fit with the water industry: Nature has been transporting, treating and distributing water since the formation of the planet. And over all those millions of years Nature has developed some ingenious ways of improving process efficiency and saving energy.

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Topics: PAX Water Mixer, biomimicry, storage tanks, eliminate stratification, dbp formation, water quality, freeze protection


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