PAX Water Solutions

PAX Water Solutions is a team of engineers that helps municipal water operators improve the performance of their distribution systems and the quality and reliability of their finished water. This team builds on the expertise of PAX Water Technologies and provides independent and objective analysis and consulting engineering services. PAX Water Solutions has extensive experience in the planning and design of distribution systems and hydraulic analysis. This team also maintains a state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics modeling capability and water quality research and testing laboratory.

Specific Capabilities

  • Assessment and analysis of distribution system water quality
  • Surveys of disinfection by-product occurrence and formation characteristics
  • Assessment of mixing dynamics in water tanks and reservoirs including CFD and scaled modeling
  • Field measurements and verification of mixing conditions
  • Distribution system design, modeling, and optimization including pipelines, pump stations, tanks and appurtenances
  • Modeling and assessment of aeration systems and the design of custom installations for storage tanks and reservoirs
  • Design and installation of disinfectant residual boosting systems