Residual Control | How We Work With You

How We Work Together

Integrating a PAX Residual Control System (RCS) into your water distribution system is easy. Our team of engineers, product managers and water quality experts work closely with municipal water operators and engineers to ensure that the installation is smooth and water quality goals are achieved.


Step 1: Utility representative contact PAX Water Technologies

Step 2: PAX Water Quality Specialist hosts a call and/or visits your site

Step 3: PAX develops a proposal for integrating RCS with your system

Step 4: PAX Residual Control System is installed


Step 1: PAX Water Quality Specialist provides start-up and training

Step 2: Operator enters desired residual disinfectant set-point into RCS Smart Controller

Step 3: RCS maintains the operator-set residual level

Step 4: Water quality and system data is remotely accessible

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