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Florida (Panhandle)

Find a Representative - PaxWaterDavid Campbell
Utility Service Group
Phone: (205) 332-5321

Tennessee (Eastern)

describe the image

Jake Abbott
Utility Service Group
Phone: (865) 360-3808
Email: jabbott@utilityservice.com

Southern California

g3 engineering

         Dave Hartwig
         D&H Water Systems
         Phone: (760) 806-7839
         Email: david@dandhwatersystems.com


Find a Representative - PaxWater    Jack Powell
    Utility Service Group
    Phone: (951) 440-7026
    Email: jpowell@utilityservice.com


Mississippi (Central & Southern)

describe the imageTommy Angelle, Jr
Utility Service Group
Phone: (337) 258-1644
Email: tangellejr@utilityservice.com


Nebraska (Northern)

describe the imageJim Marek
Utility Service Group
Phone: (515) 205-0101
Email: jmarek@utilityservice.com


Texas (South-Western)

describe the imagePhil Weynand
Utility Service Group
Phone: (210) 394-1966
Email: pweynand@utilityservice.com


Texas (South-Eastern)

describe the imageJim Gentry
Utility Service Group
Phone: (281) 883-9331
Email: jgentry@utilityservice.com


Kansas (Southern)

describe the imageSteve Woodward
Utility Service Group
Phone: (918) 812-3006
Email: swoodward@utilityservice.com


Kansas (Northern)

describe the imageJake Dugger
Utility Service Group
Phone: (402) 651-6450
Email: jdugger@utilityservice.com


New York (Southern & Western)

describe the imageRoger Linder
Utility Service Group
Phone: (585) 645-2208
Email: rlinder@utilityservice.com

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