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How Active Mixing Works

PAX Water Mixers create a powerful vortex flow pattern to  circulate the entire water storage tank, top to bottom, and eliminate thermal stratification. Powerful mixing helps prevent conditions favorable to residual loss and DBPs, nitrification and ice formation.

Impeller Mixers: Easy Install in Full Tank

PAX Water's impeller mixers are easy to install and maintain – no heavy cranes, lifting equipment or tank alterations are required. If a municipality prefers to keep their tank full, PAX impeller mixers can easily be lowered through the tank hatch or installed by a diver.

How it Works: TRS20

The TRS20 Series uses a high-efficiency pump to transport water from the floor of the tank to a series of stainless-steel spray nozzles – creating an energy-optimized droplet distribution pattern. A PAX Water Mixer circulates water inside the tank so the entire volume is treated and the PAX PowerVent removes THMs from the headspace.

Jay Harman | Employing nature while advancing sustainable technology

Described as a “visionary” and “futurist” by the Science Channel, Jay’s expertise couldn’t be more timely. An award-winning entrepreneur and biomimetic inventor, Jay Harman has taken a hands-on approach to his lifelong fascination with the deep patterns found in nature.

Jay Harman froze a whirlpool to clean water or air

Nature likes spirals, from whirlpools or hurricanes, to the way sap flows up a plant, to the shape of a human heart. Inventor Jay Harmon, of the engineering research and product design firm PAX Scientific Inc., used this archetypal shape from nature to design a "frozen whirlpool" as the rotary part of a machine or pump.

Comparing In-Tank Aeration Systems

In-tank aeration is the process of exposing finished drinking water to air and has been proven to be an effective way to remove Trihalomethanes (THMs). There are several different systems to choose from, but capital and energy costs of technologies vary greatly.