AWWA WEBINAR: Wednesday, May 3rd, 11am MT

Smart Tank: Turning Existing Distribution System Storage Tanks into Intelligent Water Quality Management Systems

Water storage tanks are one of the performance improvement variables evaluated in the Partnership for Safe Water's distribution system self-assessment process. Additionally, the Partnership emphasizes the importance of water quality monitoring in storage facilities. This is because water storage tanks present a significant risk for water quality degradation, potentially resulting in reduced disinfectant residual, increased DBPs, and the occurrence of nitrification in chloraminated water systems. Automated residual control and DBP removal technologies enable utilities to employ their distribution network assets to improve water quality, allowing them to provide their customers with better quality drinking water and improved system reliability.

This free, informative webinar includes presentations by Partnership for Safe Water staff, PAX Water Technologies, and Partnership for Safe Water subscribers San Jose Water Company and California Water Service Group. The presentations will provide an overview of the Partnership for Safe Water's distribution system optimization program, new technologies for improving distribution system water quality, as well as case studies from utilities that have been successful in deploying new technologies in the distribution system to monitor and improve water quality with respect to disinfectant residuals, DBPs, and nitrification.