About PAX Water

Our Story

PAX Water Technologies was founded in 2006 to develop and market energy-efficient mixing systems for potable water storage tanks.  Inspired by nature and backed by science, PAX Water Technologies delivers innovative water quality solutions to safeguard drinking water for municipalities and the communities they serve. The company’s biomimetic mixing technology efficiently circulates the water held in storage tanks to eliminate thermal stratification and reduce high water age, disinfection byproducts and nitrification.
PAX's Biomimetic Lily Impeller
Our Vision
We are committed to creating a world where high-quality drinking water is sustainably produced, efficiently distributed, and universally valued as a life-giving foundation for healthy communities.
We Believe
Water operators perform a tremendous public good for millions of people every day and should have access to a range of innovative tools that empower them to deliver safe and consistent drinking water to their communities.
Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative, durable and elegant water quality solutions, inspired by nature and backed by science, to our partners and the communities they serve.

Regional Sales Managers

Tom Caulfield

Regional Sales Manager - Northeast and North Central

Kevin Sanner

Regional Sales Manager - Southwest

Pete Kyrkos

Regional Sales Manager - Southeast

John Busse

Regional Sales Manager - South Central

Ethan Brooke

Regional Sales Manager - Pacific Northwest

Jeff Rhodes

Regional Sales Manager - Mountain

Gunnar Thordarson

Regional Sales Manager - Hawaii/International