Biofilms Case Study
  • Location: Ontario, CA
  • Tank Size: 2,750,000 gallons 
  • Tank Type: Rectangular, in-ground concrete
  • Problem: Residual loss, biofilm

Mixer increases chlorine by 25% within days

Ontario, California

A rectangular, in-ground concrete tank in Ontario, CA had poor circulation, low turnover and excessive water age. Summer sun hitting the roof of the tank created a 16°F difference between the top and bottom layers – causing complete residual loss and accelerated bacterial and biological growth. Despite the presence of numerous columns inside the tank and its challenging rectangular shape, the PAX Water Mixer was able to mix the tank’s entire contents, even the furthest ends of the basin. Ontario noticed immediate improvements – stratification was reduced from 16°F to less than 1°F within 14 hours, chlorine residual increased by 25 percent in a few days and biofilm growth was halted.

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