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Mixer Keeps 100,000-Gal Elevated Tank Ice Free During Polar Vortex Winter Storm

MN Breeze, Fall 2014

A typically cold climate, the town of Atwater, Minnesota was no stranger to polar conditions. Formation of ice inside the city’s 100,000 gallon elevated tank frequently plugged the riser pipe, disabling flow and causing potential for serious damage to the steel tank. Anticipating a major storm, a PAX Mixer was installed to actively mix the water to prevent ice formation. During the record-breaking polar vortex storm, Atwater experienced more than a week of average temperatures below 0 degrees with extreme wind chill conditions, but after the addition of a PAX Mixer, ice formation was a problem of the past.


  • The water quality issues associated with ice formation
  • How active mixing provides for improved water quality and access

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