Freeze Protection Case Study
  • Location: Old Town, ME
  • Tank Size: 500,000 gallons 
  • Tank Type: Steel standpipe 
  • Problem: Ice damage

Mixer combats ice damage in glass-lined standpipe

Old Town, Maine

Old Town Water District in Maine had recently installed identical, glass-lined standpipes. During their first winter in operation, water operators discovered extensive ice damage to the glass coating of one of the new standpipes. In December 2008, operators installed a PAX Water Mixer in one of the tanks. Despite undergoing one of Maine’s coldest winters on record, the tank demonstrated significant temperature improvements within the first few days of operation, as an existing ice cap melted. After a few weeks, the mixed tank was free of ice despite continued sub-freezing conditions, while the unmixed tank had a thick ice cap until late April.

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