Pinellas Case Study
  • Location: Pinellas, FL
  • Tank Size:  5MG
  • Tank Type: Ground storage
  • Problem: Residual loss

Active mixing eliminates chemical stratification

Pinellas, FL

Operators at Pinellas County Department of Environment and Infrastructure struggled to maintain residual levels in the distribution system, despite the presence of passive mixing systems in all of their tanks. Even after a system-wide switch to chloramines, nitrification and biofilms continued to be an issue, requiring operators flush 255 million gallons of water annually. To determine if a switch to active mixing would improve residual retention, Pinellas set up a demonstration test of a PAX Water Mixer in a 5MG tank. The results showed that the PAX Water Mixer was able to completely mix the tank, eliminating both thermal and chemical stratification.

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