Press Release

AWWA People's Choice Award Given to PAX Mixer

SAN RAFAEL, California, July 9, 2007 —PAX Water Technologies (PWT), maker of the innovative PAX Water Mixer, is proud to announce receipt of the 2007 People's Choice Award at the New Product Technology Showcase (NPTS). The NPTS is a yearly feature of Annual Conference and Exposition of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). PAX shares the award with Real Tech, makers of water industry monitoring instrumentation.

PWT was selected for the showcase by the AWWA Manufacturers/Associates Council, which identifies and highlights the new technologies that address the challenges faced by the water and wastewater industries. This year, 26 companies were invited to participate in the NPTS. Visitors to the showcase viewed the products, spoke to representatives, and cast their votes for the "most useful new or improved product.”

Jason Oppenheimer, Vice President of Marketing for PWT, said “We're delighted the audience at AWWA recognized the benefits of this low-cost solution for safe drinking water. Our product harnesses nature's own mixing strategy and employs it to maintain consistent temperature and thoroughly distribute disinfectant residual.”

He continued, “Since the DBP formation and thermal stratification are problems encountered when storing drinking water, in-tank mixing technologies are critical assets in the effort to maintain exceptional water quality. Our unique, easy to install, small-footprint solution clearly resonated with water professionals.”

Designed by combining the patented fluid flow methodologies of the PWT's parent company, PAX Scientific, with the state-of-the-art engineering and computational fluid dynamics, PWT's first product is a highly effective mixer. When used in water storage tanks, the mixer can effectively blend volumes of 4 million gallons and more using a fraction of the energy of conventional technologies. The company is currently developing other applications to improve energy efficiency and process efficacy within the water and wastewater industries.

The PAX water mixer will be spotlighted in the NPTS special section in the August issue of the AWWA Journal.

PAX Water Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of PAX Scientific, Inc., is licensed to develop, market, and distribute equipment incorporating PAX technology for the global water market. PAX's technology takes advantage of a fundamental observation that all natural fluid flow has a common mathematical basis, and uses naturally-derived geometries to overcome friction, reduce drag, minimize cavitation, and create a streamlined flow for water and wastewater industry equipment.