Press Release

UGSI Solutions, Inc. Acquires the Fluid Dynamics Product Line of Neptune Chemical Pump Company


UGSI Solutions announced today that the acquisition of Fluid Dynamics was completed on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.

Fluid Dynamics fields a premium line of polymer activation equipment for the water industry under iconic brands such as dynaBLEND™ and dynaJET®. Since 1985, Fluid Dynamics has reliably served water industry customers with polymer mixing and blending technologies that help plant operators economize on polymer usage while delivering excellent water treatment results and better quality cake for wastewater plants. 

The combination of Fluid Dynamics and UGSI Solutions’ UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. business creates the industry’s leading set of polymer activation and chemical feed technologies.  By combining Polyblend® and dynaBLEND™ - the two power-brands in the polymer management industry - UGSI Solutions now offers the most comprehensive line of both hydraulic and mechanical polymer activation methods.  The combined companies boast tens of thousands of installations with over three decades of reliable service.

Andy Seidel, Chief Executive of UGSI Solutions, stated, “In the water industry, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.  Each water or wastewater plant has a specific set of needs and requirements driven by site conditions, operator preferences and prior technology choices.  The combination of Fluid Dynamics with UGSI Solutions creates an unparalleled toolset under one roof that can provide the optimal polymer management solution for any particular plant.  We’re excited to join with this talented group of people to bring even more value to our customers!”

Fluid Dynamics is now a part of UGSI Solutions, Inc., which includes:

  • PAX Water Technologies, Inc. (Richmond, CA) – manufactures and engineers “outside the fence” water quality management systems including water storage tank mixing systems and THM reduction systems;
  • Process Solutions, Inc. (Campbell, CA) – manufactures and engineers Microclor® on-site hypochlorite generation equipment and Monoclor® RCS disinfectant residual management systems;
  • UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. (Vineland, NJ) – manufactures Encore® pumps and Polyblend® polymer activation equipment for industrial and municipal water and wastewater customers; and
  • Mobile Pipe Lining and Coating, Inc. (Adelanto, CA) – provides pipe lining and coating services to the oil & gas, water and wastewater markets in the Western U.S.