Polar Vortex Case Study
  • Location: Atwater, MN 
  • Tank Size:  100,000 gallons 
  • Tank Type: Elevated
  • Problem: Ice Formation

Mixer eliminates ice despite "Polar Vortex" storm

Atwater, MN

The Town of Atwater, Minnesota installed a PAX Water Mixer in their 100,000-gal tank in late 2013 to help prevent ice damage. When the "polar vortex" winter storm hit Atwater in January 2014, setting new record lows, the PAX Water Mixer was put to the test. Despite temperatures as low as 0°F for more than a week, and wind chill conditions down to -40°F, the Atwater tank remained ice-free and the operator at Atwater observed that his tank was thoroughly mixing. With active mixing now ensuring that ice plugs don't form inside the Atwater tank, the operator plans to run his tank at higher water levels all winter long.

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