TRS Stanly County Case Study
  • Location: Stanly County, NC
  • Tank Size: 200,000 gallons
  • Tank Type: Pedisphere
  • Problem: High DBPs

THM Removal System 100% of THMs

Stanly County, North Carolina

Stanly County receives finished water that is often at or above the MCL for TTHMs, and without a treatment plant of its own, they were limited to few options for bringing their water into compliance. The Millingport service area in Stanly County often received the oldest and poorest quality water, and combined with historically low demand, TTHM levels exceeded the Stage 1 MCL 50 percent of the time over the last 6 years. A PAX Water TRS, an in-tank aeration system, targeting a peak removal of 90 percent was designed and installed in August 2011. THM samples collected after installation revealed that THM levels leaving the tank were 0 μg/l (non-detect).

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